Oaxaca Travel Guide

Oaxaca AttractionsThere's no city in Mexico that preserves its ancient traditions as well as Oaxaca. If you really want to experience the original flavors, aromas, hospitality and high quality handicrafts of the indigenous Mexican people, this is a city you should definitely visit. Several interesting options are offered any time of the year, from visiting the different archeological sites like Monte Alban or Mitla, to swimming in the cool mineral waters of Hierve el Agua while you observe the amazing formations that carbonated springs have created on the cliffs.

Attractions in OaxacaOaxaca will remain in your heart because of the locals' friendliness, a trace in your palate from its exquisite cuisine and a series of unbelievably colorful images in your mind, due to the natural landscapes that surround the city. The fine and unique designs used for their pottery, textiles and wooden handicrafts will amaze you.

There are some celebrations that you just can't miss, like the Guelaguetza, where several ethnicities show their most beautiful dances and regional costumes. The Day of the Dead is when the people honor all their relatives who have passed away, by respectfully offering Marigold flowers and foods like mole and mescal in a beautifully decorated altar. Even if your visit isn't during one of these days, you'll immensely enjoy a stroll through Oaxaca's colonial streets full of life, with its fascinating museums, bohemian bars, vivid restaurants and its every night and day music, dances and handicrafts on every corner.